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    One day, our hero Boink was having a nice day out with his girlfriend Ploink. Suddenly, an evil wizard appeared and kidnapped her! Not only that, but the wizard cast a wicked spell on Boink that caused him to bounce uncontrollably!

    The wizard disappeared with Ploink just as suddenly as he appeared, but not before dropping a strange map amidst all the confusion. The map led to an ancient Maztactl temple - this must be the wizard's hideout!

    And so, Boink decides to set off on a voyage to the mysterious temple. Will he be able to break the spell and reunite with his girlfriend?


  • Colorful graphics!
  • Awesome music!
  • Coded in pure assembly!
  • Open source!
  • Stuff!



  • Fixed a crash that made Level 5 unbeatable.


  • Fixed a visual glitch related to room transitions.


  • Fixed a game crash bug that was accidentally introduced in the previous release.


  • Fixed a bug that caused corrupt graphics to appear on-screen briefly after starting the game.
  • Tweaked enemy bouncing behavior; it now works as described in the readme under the "general tips" section.


  • Added a "STAGE CLEAR" graphic to make the end-of-level sequence more interesting.


  • Enemies can now be defeated simply by bouncing off of them from above.
  • The high bounce can now be cancelled by releasing the A button.
  • Updated the fish enemy sprite to make it more clear that it can't be killed.
  • Fixed an out-of-bounds glitch in level 6.
  • Minor level layout tweaks.


  • Some level layout tweaks.
  • Fixed coin count not getting reset upon returning to the title screen after a game over or from the end screen.
  • The debug menu is now accessible via a button combo on the title screen.


  • Initial release.


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GBCompo21 demo (v1.4.3) (Game Boy Color) 47 kB
GBCompo21 demo (v1.4.3) (Analogue Pocket) 47 kB

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