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Bouncy platformer for Game Boy Color and Analogue Pocket · By DevEd


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Analogue Pocket version now available!
With the release of the Analogue Pocket, I have decided to create a .pocket build for the game so you can play it on an Analogue Pocket without a flash cart. Th...
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Rebound Design Blog, Part 1: The Beginnings
If you haven't played the demo yet, I highly recommend doing so before reading this. You can grab the latest demo here . Hello, and welcome to the first part of...
GBCompo demo version 1.4.2 out now!
Fixed a visual glitch related to room transitions...
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Bouncy platformer for Game Boy Color and Analogue Pocket
GBCompo demo version 1.4.1 out now!
Fixed a game crash bug that was accidentally introduced in the previous update...
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GBCompo demo version 1.4 out now!
Fixed a bug that caused corrupt graphics to appear on-screen briefly after starting the game. Tweaked enemy bouncing behavior; it now works as described in the...
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GBCompo demo version 1.3 out now!
Added a "STAGE CLEAR" graphic to make the end-of-level sequence more interesting...
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GBCompo demo version 1.2 out now!
Enemies can now be defeated simply by bouncing off of them from above. The high bounce can now be cancelled by releasing the A button. Updated the fish enemy sp...
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Is good the GBC rebound, but I'm going to talk a couple of ideas to make it more interesting: 1. At the goal of each lev...
started by Ofihombre Sep 24, 2021
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