That... ball... thing... from the smash hit* Rebound is back in a new kinda-sorta Metroidvania style adventure with slightly wonky collision detection! Rebound through 5 different areas in your quest to... uhhh... what was the story I came up with again? No matter. YOU'RE A BALL. DO THE THING WHERE YOU BEAT THE GAME.

*Probably not

This game was originally submitted to Battle of the Bits Game Jam 3. The original entry can be found here:

Current version: v1.7
v1.0 - Initial release.
v1.1 - Fixed missing room name in The Iron Dungeon
v1.2 - Fixed detonator in The Iron Dungeon leaving behind incorrect background tile when destroyed
v1.3 - Made it more clear that you can go below the starting area.
v1.4 - Fixed a mistake which made the area below the starting area inaccessible in v1.3.
   - New sprite for spikes (thanks MovieMovies1)
   - Code cleanup
  - Right pyramid exit is no longer accessible without Spring Bounce
   - Particles no longer persist on room change
v1.6 - Made the final coin a bit easier to find.
   - Fixed invisible solid tile in the room "Ascended".
   - Made the underwater section in the Iron Dungeon easier.


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water segment in Impossible-mission-base actually is impossible.

A. It requires precision timing, but direction timing and special action timing are too out of whack compared to one another. (it takes low bounce too long to activate)

B. too many false (as opposed to just wonky) hits in the area.

C. might be solved with an extra beacon

It definitely is doable, but I'll admit I may have gone a bit overboard with the spikes. I'll look into making the section a bit easier.


Tic-80 is now able to have 16-bit graphics?

Nope, just clever use of the 16 available colors ;)

Ah! Ok, it's like in the graphics of the Sega Gamegear and Master System, that by the colors it looks like 16-bits, but they aren't, is a trick to make the game look better graphically.